The Wire star Dominic West is preparing to marry his college sweetheart later this month (Jun10) after he spent years trying to win her back following their break-up.
The actor dated Catherine Fitzgerald when they were both students at university but he was left heartbroken when she ended their relationship, insisting they had no future together.
He recalls, "She dumped me. I was either too immature or too stupid to make our relationship work. She just told me, 'We are not right for each other.'
"I was devastated, but being a bloke I pretended that I wasn't hurt. I was, of course. She then married somebody else, which was really hard to take."
Fitzgerald divorced her first husband, and West admits he was delighted when they met unexpectedly at a party and rekindled their romance.
The Brit proposed in 2007 and now he can't wait to exchange vows with Fitzgerald on 26 June (10) in County Limerick, Ireland.
He tells Britain's Reveal magazine, "It's the final step in a love story that began at university. If you'd have told me that one day I'd be marrying her, I'd have probably leapt with joy."