Former The Wire star Michael B. Jordan is refusing to pay attention to negative comments concerning his casting in the new Fantastic Four reboot, insisting critics will always have something bad to say.

The African American actor recently landed the role of Johnny Storm/The Human Torch in the forthcoming comic book movie, taking over from Chris Evans, who portrayed the superhero in the 2005 original.

Jordan's appointment as the classic character prompted some film fans to speak out against the casting decision as his on-screen sister, Sue Storm/The Invisible Woman, is set to be played by Caucasian House of Cards actress Kate Mara, but the 27 year old is paying no mind to his "haters".

He tells the Huffington Post, "People are going to be critics. Haters are going to find something to hate about (sic). I'm a young black man. I've been criticised."

Referring to his famous namesake, basketball icon Michael Jordan, he jokingly adds, "My name is Michael Jordan. He gave me a chip on my shoulder that I needed (early on in life) to push me (to achieve)."

The Fantastic Four remake is also set to feature Jordan's That Awkward Moment co-star Miles Teller and British actor Jamie Bell, as Reed Richards/Mr Fantastic and Ben Grimm/The Thing, respectively.

The movie is due to be released next year (15).