The Wire actress Felicia Pearson has been handed a seven-year suspended prison sentence and three years' probation after pleading guilty to a drug charge.
The star, who played drug dealer and assassin Snoop in the hit TV series, was among a group of 38 suspects arrested during a sting operation carried out by police in Baltimore, Maryland in March (11).
Pearson initially denied counts of conspiring to sell heroin and aiding and abetting, but struck a deal with Baltimore authorities at the last minute.
Judge Lawrence P. Fletcher-Hill approved the plea deal for a single charge of conspiracy to sell heroin in court on Monday (08Aug11) and gave Pearson the suspended sentence, with credit for time already served while she was awaiting trial.
The 31 year old insists she only agreed to the deal so she could put an end to her legal issues and now she's planning to relocate to Los Angeles - to move away from her troubled past.
She says, "I have things to do, I have to move on with my life. I'm moving to L.A. I'm out of here, man."