The Wire star Idris Elba cheated death as a schoolboy - when a bully locked him in a shed and set it on fire.
The actor was targeted by another boy who would frequently steal his bicycle when he was growing up in Hackney, east London.
Eventually he decided to stand up to his tormentor - but the teenager trapped him in a wooden outhouse and torched it.
Elba tells Britain's Live magazine, "The longest five minutes of my life were spent locked in a shed that was on fire. It all started because there was one boy in Hackney who used to steal my Raleigh Burner (bike) every morning and return it later all bashed up.
"One day I decided enough was enough, so I refused to hand my bike over to him. He snatched it and rode off into the estate. I ran after him and found him in this shed. He set some paper alight and locked me in there. There were flames everywhere, but I was more frightened of what my mum and dad were going to say when I came home covered in soot. That's when I decided I wasn't going to stand for any more bullying."