The Who guitarist Pete Townshend is a secret fan of Swedish pop group Abba, insisting their 1975 hit SOS is "the best pop song" of all time. Townshend's daughter, Emma, has fond memories of her childhood growing up surrounded by the sounds of the Dancing Queen stars, and admits her father is also a huge Michael Jackson fan. She says, "In 1975, the house was filled with the sound of Abba. 'SOS is the best pop song ever written,' he will still insist. (He'll say), 'It has all those Swedish folk elements that tap into whatever elemental musical self we have.' "Another time, he came back from Tower Records with 11 boxes of records. In the boxes, there were no less than three copies of 'Off the Wall', Michael Jackson's first solo album. "Exactly why did you buy three, I asked him? 'Well, it was so good! I just kept thinking I had to be sure to pick up a copy and I was in a rush, I couldn't remember what I had already got, but I thought, well if I get more than one, I can give it to people as a gift'."