The Who guitarist PETE TOWNSHEND spent 11 years away from the band writing well over a thousand songs - despite knowing they would never be put on an album. The SUBSTITUTE hitmaker, whose band are about to embark on their 2006 European tour this summer, gains so much enjoyment from songwriting he composes music and lyrics purely for his own entertainment. He says, "The Who haven't released new songs for 24 years, but I have. Lots. "Also, between 1985 and 1996 I wrote and made demo tapes of 1,400 pieces of music, none of them published. None of them would have worked for what we used to call The Who. No doubt about it. "I have moments of genius. But I also churn out stuff that only I might want to hear. I write for pleasure. I write to make a living. I write to reflect what I see around me. I write to tell stories." The Who expect to release their new album later this year (06).