The Who guitarist Pete Townshend has been criticised for publishing a story featuring a sex act between two teenagers on the internet. The 61-year-old has now removed the story, called The Comedian, from his website and apologised for any offence caused. In his online blog, Townshend described how a boy and girl, both aged 16, engage in a sex act. One not-so-graphic part read: "She had splendid breasts for such an elfin girl: loose, low and lush; she was a luxurious creature." But the rocker has been slammed for publishing such a story because he is on the Sex Offenders' Register in the UK. In 2003, Townshend was placed on the register after admitting to accessing a child pornography website. He vehemently denied being a paedophile, claiming he only went on the site to research an anti-child porn campaign. TINK PALMER, of British children's charity STOP IT NOW!, says "Bearing in mind the fact that he is on the Sex Offender's Register and received a caution, it is most ill-advised, especially considering the popularity of his music and the fact that lots of people look up to him." Townshend has replaced The Comedian with an apology: "I'm afraid I have to end this blog. I'm so sorry for those of you who were beginning to enjoy it, but it has upset certain people, and I sincerely do not wish to offend anyone."