The Who rocker Pete Townshend fears he's ruined his relationship with his mother after prompting her to reveal secrets from his youth. The guitarist interviewed his mum for his novella THE BOY WHO HEARD MUSIC and was stunned by what she told him. Townshend isn't going into details, but admits that his mother's revelations and her subsequent return to "active alcoholism" has driven a wedge between them. He tells Rolling Stone magazine, "My mother was very very brave to reveal some incidents in my childhood to me when I interviewed her some years ago. "I was grateful to her. She didn't come out looking like the perfect young post-war mother but I felt she had made up for it by being steadier with my two younger brothers, and by staying wildly married to my father until his death. "However, I think she felt quite a bit of pain at relating what had happened to me as a little kid, and communication between us has been quite strained ever since."