The thespian who gave The Who's TOMMY rock opera fresh legs on Broadway, New York, has urged Roger Daltrey and pete townsend to ignore their critics and keep on rocking. Michael Cerveris, who won a Tony Award nomination last week (ends19MAY06) for his role as SWEENEY TODD, won acclaim as the deaf, dumb and blind lead in Tommy on the New York stage, and has since become a member of The Who's inner circle. He says, "I've known Pete a long time now and I've met Roger a couple of times. Whenever I'm in London I'll see Pete and when he is over here in New York we'll get together. "I've seen all of their tours. You have that thought, 'Oh, is this one tour too many? You guys should've retired gracefully?' but, every time you see them, you think, 'Thank God they didn't retire.' "Pete plays better than ever and Roger sings fantastically... It's still absolute rock 'n' roll when Roger and Pete are on stage." Cerveris now hopes to be a part of QUADROPHENIA if Townsend ever realises his dream of staging that rock opera in London.