The Who will keep going until they are ''not good'' live anymore.

Frontman Roger Daltrey says the 'I'm Free' rockers have no plans to perform as a band at present, but that doesn't mean they've called it quits, as they won't be retiring from the road whilst they are in good health and the singer's vocals are on form.

Asked about the band's future Daltrey - who is joined by guitarist Pete Townshend in the legendary British rock group - told Rolling Stone magazine: ''We haven't planned anything, but we also haven't ever thought about giving up.

''We said this is the beginning of a long goodbye at the beginning of our 50th anniversary tour.

''The long goodbye is as long as it takes.

''I've always been of the opinion that you don't give this business up.

''This business gives you up. As long as we can do it well, we will.

''If it ever starts to get not good and loses the essence of what The Who brings to the stage, we'll stop.''

The 74-year-old icon recently revealed he isn't allowed to do consecutive concerts, which is why Who tours are few and far between.

Daltrey had a pre-cancerous growth removed from one of his vocal cords in December 2009, and ever since he's made sure to take good care of his voice.

Due to the terms of his insurance, Daltrey - who released solo album 'As Long As I Have You' today (01.05.18) - has to have a day off after one concert.

He said: ''I used to overdo it a lot over years and years of singing with The Who.

''We would do three consecutive nights of three-hour shows, one night off, then we'd do the same again. That was insanity.

''I ended up with a pre-cancerous throat condition but it wasn't malignant so I got lucky.

''The guy who looks after me now has kept my voice in really good order.

''My insurance won't let me do two shows on the trot so every time I do one, I have a day off.

''It means the next time I do a show, I can give it 100 per cent and I'm not wearing myself down.''

Daltrey is gearing up to for a summer of US shows, where he'll perform The Who's 'Tommy' in full with local orchestras, kicking off on June 8 with the Hudson Valley Philharmonic at the Bethel Woods Center for the Arts in New York City.