The mayor of Cincinnati, Ohio has announced plans to remember those who died in a crush outside The Who's 1979 concert in the city.

Eleven revellers were killed and 26 others injured when concertgoers rushed to enter the group's gig at the Riverfront Coliseum in the city on 3 December, 1979.

The British rockers were not informed of the fatal stampede ahead of their show and only learned of the disaster afterwards.

On the 35th anniversary of the disaster on Wednesday (03Dec14), 11 lanterns were lit during a nighttime vigil on the city's waterfront, and Mayor John Cranley announced plans to erect a permanent memorial to the dead.

He said, "To help you bear that pain and to remember those who we lost 35 years ago tonight, I think it is proper and fitting to erect a memorial for them here on the Cincinnati riverfront."

Unreserved seating at gigs was banned for 25 years in the city in the wake of the disaster.