The 71-year-old singer has rejoined his bandmates for a series of celebratory shows which end later this year (15), but Daltrey is struggling to cope with the physical demands of life on the road due to various health problems.

He tells Britain's Daily Express newspaper, "This time it really is our last (tour)... I've got to the point where I'm having physical problems with my body now, joints going and all that. I had to see a Dutch bone mason the other day, he came with a hammer and chisel to hammer my b**ody shoulder back into place. I'm really fit but I've had so many car crashes and accidents and falls over the years that they all take their toll. Everything from the past catches up."

Daltrey previously admitted The Who will only continue touring after the 50th anniversary shows if they are all in good health, telling Rolling Stone magazine, "If people want to add shows and we still feel great, then it will go for a while longer, but not that much longer. It might last two years."

The group concludes The Who Hits 50! tour in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in November (15).