The Who's Roger Daltrey and Status Quo star Francis Rossi have come to the defence of Sir Cliff Richard after his music was banned from a U.K. radio station's playlist.
Executives at Britain's new Absolute Radio 60s revealed this week (begs14Nov11) the veteran singer's tracks will not be played on the airwaves as he is not "cool enough".
Richard took aim at the radio bosses for snubbing his songs, insisting, "They are trying to erase me and count me out. I have sold more singles than The Beatles."
However, he has now gained the support of his musical peers in his playlist battle.
Rossi tells Britain's Daily Mail, "It's not on. Cliff was one of the pioneers of British rock 'n' roll. And now they're trying to freeze him out just because, in their eyes, he's not 'cool'", while Spandau Ballet star Gary Kemp adds, "Along with Tommy Steele, Cliff was Britain's first rock 'n' roller. They paved the way for all the others, and Cliff and The Shadows were fundamental in creating the British sound of rock. To imagine them out of it is a Stalinesque act, it seems to me."
The Who rocker Daltrey says, "Just to put a blanket ban on Cliff's music does seem unfair because at certain times in his career he's made a few great rock songs - Move It and Devil Woman being two examples. Never mind, Cliff. You don't need Absolute to sell your music, your audience is one of the most loyal of all."