The Who legends Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey will record their first new album together in more than 20 years in an attempt to put Townshend's recent police trouble behind him.

The guitarist was arrested and cautioned in January (03) for accessing child pornography on the internet, and has subsequently been placed on the sex offenders' list for five years - even though he maintains he was innocently researching his new autobiography.

However, the MY GENERATION star hopes the new music will give fans something else to talk about.

A source confides, "Pete intends to record these songs with Roger towards the end of the year (03). It's exciting, as it will be the first studio album by The Who for around 20 years. They're then planning a big charity performance in the Albert Hall (in London) next spring (04)."

Daltrey has stood by his friend throughout the sex allegations, with his support helping Pete through the ordeal.

The veteran performer says, "I feel very good, supported by so much love from all around me. I am free to go out and about and most people greet me warmly. I know now I can continue to work in my studio on the music and I am writing all the time."

01/07/2003 14:14