Late The Who bassist JOHN ENTWISTLE's former lover LISA PRITCHETT-JOHNSON has died of a suspected drug overdose, aged 43.

Troubled Pritchett-Johnson, who mourned the MY GENERATION star for three years after 13 years together, was found dead at home in Memphis, America, with cocaine at her bedside. She lived a life dependent on drink and drugs despite suffering from asthma and panic attacks.

Attending police officers have not confirmed the cause of death, but friends believe she died of a broken heart, after finding it increasingly difficult to live without Entwistle.

A Memphis police spokesperson says, "We have not been able to determine a cause or manner of death. We are waiting on toxicological results.

"We don't know if it was an accident or an overdose or a suicide or something else."

CHRIS ENTWISTLE, son of the rock legend, says, "She deeply missed my father. It really hurt her terribly."

The wild musician died in 2002 after a drug-addled romp with a stripper in Las Vegas, America. Entwistle's will bequeathed $1.9 million (GBP1 million) to his long-term girlfriend, but it also stipulated she had to leave his mansion in Gloucestershire, England.

17/03/2005 14:00