The Who rocker Roger Daltrey is terrified about the band's upcoming European tour - fearing his performance skills are rusty. The veteran frontman, 62, insists people who think performing to thousands of fans, night after night, is easy are very much mistaken. He says, "I'm getting nervous because we haven't done it for two years. At my age you're thinking, 'Can I still f**king do it?' "I'm sure when we get out there it will be fine, but at the moment I'm totally nerve-wracked with it. "It's hard. People don't realise, they look and think, 'I could do that, it's easy,' but it's f**king not. It's a lot of work. It's a lot of intense concentration. "It's a lot of fun too, but it's also a lot of discipline, especially as a singer. And it's wicked discipline, 'cos I want to party and I love partying, but you can't do it and sing well in The Who. "People pay a lot of money and they don't want someone up there croaking." The band's 2006 tour will be their first since 2004 since their brief appearance at London's Live 8 concert last summer (05).