The Who frontman Roger Daltrey has been forced to stop listening to rock music at home - because he is going deaf. The 62-year-old's hearing has deteriorated after three decades of performing, meaning the MY GENERATION singer now spends leisure time listening to softer classical tunes. He says, "If I am playing anything at home, it's probably classical, mainly because I haven't go much hearing left. What I have got left, I want to keep." Despite the legend's problems, he is still determined to perform on a new tour with guitarist Pete Townshend, when they've finished compiling their new album, The Who's first studio effort for over 14 years. He adds, "I have three tracks already. One of them is particularly fantastic in the older Who-type style. Another is particularly fantastic in a completely different way. "These songs are also about the spirit and the emotion. We're had an incredible insurgence with young people."