Hit political drama The West Wing is set to go live in November (05), with a presidential debate between Alan Alda and Jimmy Smits.

Smits, who plays Democratic presidential candidate MATT SANTOS on the show, is gearing up for a televised debate between his character and Alda's Republican Senator ARNOLD VINICK.

And while bosses of the show have yet to confirm the plans, Alda and Smits are very enthusiastic about it.

Alda says, "I love that sense of danger. The only training I had as an actor was as an improviser. It kind of fits with my aspiration to be as spontaneous as I can be.

"In fact, when I was a young man on the stage, if another actor missed an entrance and I was alone on stage, I thought, 'Oh boy, is this great? I can make up my own play now!'

"So the opportunity to do a presidential debate, although it's scripted, it'll be live, and there'll be a certain amount of uncertainty - my blood is up for that."