Former The West Wing star Martin Sheen fought tears on US TV yesterday (07NOV06) as he recalled political hero Robert F Kennedy's final moments on OPRAH. The actor took time out of his studies at Ireland's Trinity College to pay tribute to his son Emilio Estevez, who wrote and directed the "powerful" new film, on the programme. But Sheen had to stop and compose himself when he remembered walking into the coffee shop at Los Angeles' Ambassador Hotel, where Kennedy was gunned down in 1968. Estevez, who joined Bobby castmembers on the show to promote the new film, was given special access to the remains of the hotel to shoot scenes before it was torn down. And a sobbing Sheen recalled, "There wasn't much left of the Ambassador Hotel when we were filming but the coffee shop was still there and when I walked in... I'm sorry. That memory came back and I realised, 'Yes, I've been in this place not long after that event.' It was very powerful." Then it was Estevez's turn to hold back the tears as his proud father paid a special tribute to him: "Emilio brings out the very best in you as an actor and as a human being. Frankly, I can't think of a more proud moment than I'm having right now with his success... He's finally realising a dream."