The West Wing star Allison Janney has appealed to creator Aaron Sorkin to cast her in his new show The Newsroom as she is desperate to make a return to TV.
The actress played press secretary C.J. in Sorkin's White House-based series for seven years from 1999 until 2006, and she has gone on to land roles in movies such as The Help, Juno and Hairspray.
However, Janney is now looking to take a break from films and return to a regular role on the small screen and she has issued a public appeal to Sorkin to give her a job on his new drama series, which is set in a fictional TV newsroom.
She tells the Boston Herald, "He needs to put me on that show! I would love to be on it. Maybe he'll think of a character for me. It would be great!... I'm dying to do another series. I'm trying to find one. I like that lifestyle. I like movies, but I like to be home, too."