The Wave Pictures Announce New Album Beer In The Breakers

The Wave Pictures Announce New Album Beer In The Breakers

One of the most hardworking and prolific bands in the UK, The Wave Pictures, return with a new album Beer In the Breakers on April 18th on Moshi Moshi Records.

Produced by their friend and frequent collaborator Darren Hayman of Hefner, the album was recorded entirely live in one day at Hayman's house in Walthamstow.

As main man David Tattersal explains - "We'd been enjoying playing together live more than ever on recent tours and simply wanted to record the band the way it sounds these days. When you do things live, you obviously sacrifice perfection in the hope that instead you will capture these kind of strange and glorious spontaneous moments that musicians create together, that no one could do on their own, and that you can only get with live performance. It was probably the happiest record experience we have ever had."

The songs featured here embrace Tattersall's love of E Minor - Now Your Smiles Comes Over In Your Face and title track Beer In The Breakers; Bass player Franic's favourite clothing brand - Blue Harbour - a tale of love in Coney Island; are inspired by band favourites like Otis Rush - Blink Back A Tear; and include re-workings of songs written in Tattersall's youth - China Whale Brand and In Her Kitchen. The first single from the album will be Little Surprise, a track whose upbeat melody belies its dark, poignant lyrics.

The Wave Pictures have defiantly trodden their own path, mining the lost essence of British indie across their critically lauded debut 2008's Instant Coffee Baby - short listed for the Guardian New Album Award and featured in many an end of year poll - and the follow up If You Leave It Alone.

Dave Tattersall, Franic Rozycki and Jonny 'Huddersfield' Helm are fixtures on the live circuit, crisscrossing the UK and Europe on a regular basis, renowned for their electric performances featuring Tattersall's blistering guitar solos. As far as Moshi are concerned - "they're possibly the best live band we've ever worked with.