The Wanted are already planning their fourth album.

The 'We Own The Night' group's third record, 'Word of Mouth', is finally coming out next month after numerous delays, but the group are already itching to get on with their next album, which they could release as early as 2014.

Singer Max George told the Daily Star newspaper: ''It won't be another two year gap [between records] that's for sure.

''I'd like to put out a summer album next year but that's down to the label, not me.

''We've already done a song with Ed Drewett for the album after this one as we didn't have time to finish it and didn't want to delay yet again.''

The Wanted's debut self titled debut was released in 2010 and quickly followed up with 2011's 'Battleground', but they spent longer on their latest album as they were keen to find exactly the right tracks to be sure fire hits.

The band - also including Siva Kaneswaran, Jay McGuiness, Tom Parker and Nathan Sykes - previously delayed 'Word of Mouth' from a Christmas release last year.

Tom said at the time: ''The label wanted us to release it in time for Christmas sales but we weren't happy with the whole album so we refused.

''At the end of the day it's up to us. We are the artist and the label may not like it but there's not much they can do. We've been all around the world this year. When have we had time to sit down and write an album?

''We have about nine songs we are happy with and could put it out now but we'd prefer to have an album we are proud of and lose an extra 100,000 sales.''