Pop stars The Wanted were left facing a massive bill for damages after they wrecked their rented mansion in Los Angeles.

The singers lived at a luxury home in L.A. while filming their reality Tv show The Wanted Life, and they were caught on camera throwing wild parties and trashing the fancy seven-bedroomed property.

The damage included stains, broken tiles and problems with the Jacuzzi, so the owners handed them a $15,500 (£10,000) bill to cover the costs.

Siva Kaneswaran says, "They did charge us up the wall for messing up the tiles... And there was a rim of scum along the top of the water on the leather interiors (of the Jacuzzi). When they emptied it out, the stain didn't come out, so they charged us for that. It was £10,000 in total."

Nathan Sykes adds, "They had to drain the Jacuzzi - completely drain it."