The Wanted star Siva Kaneswaran has blamed the band's short-lived reality Tv series for splitting the group apart.

The Glad You Came hitmakers announced they will be taken an extended hiatus after their world tour comes to an end this May (14), leaving many devoted fans wondering what caused the surprise break.

Now Kaneswaran has opened up about the demise of the band, revealing its 2013 U.S. docu-series, The Wanted Life, proved to tear them apart, rather than bring them together.

He tells America's In Touch Weekly, "It caused problems. We kind of lost our sense of team. It became every man for themselves... I want them to be happy in whatever they do. I support them 100 per cent."

The Wanted Life, which featured the five singers living in a luxury Los Angeles mansion as they recorded their third album, spanned only eight episodes on the E! Network.