The Wanted vocalist Nathan Sykes has opened up about his ''mental breakdown''.

The singer has revealed he struggled to cope with being filmed for his band's reality show 'The Wanted Life' and locked himself away for ''three days'' to avoid the cameras.

Speaking on 'In:Demand with Alex James', he said: ''It's wonderful - I locked myself in my room for three days so I wasn't filmed.

''It was completely a mental breakdown, it was a full blown mental breakdown. I blamed it on the voice though so it's fine.''

The 'All Time Low' hitmaker had to undergo surgery on his haemorrhaging vocal nodule earlier this year, and his band mate Siva Kaneswaran agreed it took its toll.

He added: ''The voice was sore and there was a lot of emotions going through Nathan at the time - and rightly so! But all good now.''

In the past, the band have admitted it was tough coping without Nathan when he took time off to recuperate and Max George explained they noticed ''something missing'' when they were on stage.

He previously said: ''For me, it was more when you watch it back and you'd hear a chorus, even if you stood onstage, you just felt like there was something missing.

''Whether it was his physical self or you could just, [hear it] in a chorus, you'd be like, 'It just doesn't sound as big as it should do.' ''