The Wanted member Nathan Sykes was left red-faced when he discovered he had been kissing his best pal's new girlfriend on the set of his latest music video.

The All Time Low hitmaker had just wrapped shooting the promo for the band's new single I Found You when his pal revealed the shocking news.

Sykes tells British newspaper the Daily Record, "It was quite awkward, to be honest. I got back to my hotel after filming and my mate rang me and said, 'How was the video? Did you get with any hot girls?' and I said, 'Yeah, she was really hot. How's things with you anyway?'

"He replied, 'I just got a new girlfriend called Chloe,' I said, 'That's funny, the girl in the video's called Chloe'. And my friend said, 'Yeah, you've been kissing my new girlfriend'. Basically, all night I'd been getting off with my best mate's girlfriend."