The Wanted's Max George got punched in the face for stroking another man's beard.

The 'Glad You Came' singer was only trying to be friendly when he touched the stranger's facial hair, but his gesture was met with an angry response.

He explained to The Sun newspaper's Fabulous magazine: ''I got punched by some big dude with a beard, because apparently I tugged on it.I didn't tug it, I just stroked it and said it was awesome and he laid into me. I had no chance, He punched me square on the chin.''

Max, 24, admits he's a big drinker when he's on a night out, and can hold his alcohol better than the other members of the band: Nathan Sykes, Tom Parker, Jay McGuiness and Siva Kaneswaran.

When asked how much he drinks on an average night partying, he said: ''Probably 15 pints. [But] I'm always on my feet. You'll never see me falling over. For longevity, I'd say I was the best drinker in the band.''

While he doesn't mind drinking, one thing Max would never get caught up in is drugs.

He added: ''To be fair its never interested me. Beer on the other hand, I probably need to lay off a little bit if I'm honest.''