'The Walking Dead' has been praised by critics ahead of its return to the small screen.

The post-apocalyptic horror TV series - which is set to return for a second series on Sunday (16.10.11) - looks to have continued on from its impressive first series, according to reviews, despite Frank Darabont, the show's runner for the six-episode first season, being replaced.

Writing for the New York Daily News, TV critic David Hinckley explained: "'The Walking Dead' may be under new management, but it seems to have kept its rhythm, moving easily between bursts of intense violence and long stretches of psychological sparring.

"Coming out of the starting blocks, at least, the show is still clinging to its complexity, darkness and humour."

David explained the AMC show - which stars Jon Bernthal and Sarah Wayne Callies, and contains similar themes to the Robert Kirkman comic book of the same name - has not "compromised its quality" in the opening few episodes.

He added: "For starters, there are more 'walkers', The Zombies who threaten to kill and devour the small bands of living humans who survived an apocalyptic event that threatens to terminate Earth life as we know it."