The Walking Dead, the new AMC zombie drama series, wowed audiences last night (14th November 2010) with its third instalment, after what many believed to be a lacklustre second episode. Reviews of yesterday's show, entitled 'Tell It To The Frogs', have been glowing, with many alluding to the increase in tension as the series deepens.
In last night's episode, 'Rick Grimes', played by Andrew Lincoln, was reunited with his wife and child, however, the touching moment was short lived as the sheriff's deputy decided to return to Atlanta in order to retrieve a stash of weapons, and also to rescue 'Merle Dixon', played by Michael Rooker. In their review of 'Tell It To The Frogs' MTV News said, "Ah, much better! The third episode of The Walking Dead was a big rebound.offering a much more intense and engaging story", however, they voiced concerns over ANDREW LINCOLN's prominent role within the show, saying, "Lincoln has done a superb job as Rick, but he can only lift so much weight on his own".
Episode 4 of the series, due to air on November 21st, is entitled 'Vatos' and the synopsis reads, "Rick's mission to Atlanta is jeopardized when things go awry".