Australian rockers The Vines have rubbished reports their group disbanded last year (04) after frontman CRAIG NICHOLLS was diagnosed with debilitating brain disorder Aspergers Syndrome.

Nicholls' assault and malicious damage charges were dropped in November (04) when it was revealed his erratic behaviour was a result of the condition, which causes the sufferer to exhibit autistic-like behaviour and struggle with communication and social skills.

But despite Nicholls' problem, and his mental breakdown onstage at Sydney's Annandale Hotel last year (04), the band's drummer HAMISH ROSSER insists Nicholls is helping them make a third album.

Rosser explains, "The next album will almost definitely be made in Australia, which might rule out ROB SCHNAPF (as producer) because he has a wife and two young kids which he won't want to be separated from for very long and we probably can't afford to fly them out here and put them up.

"As you'd expect from a Vines album there'll be a diverse range of songs. They range from the spacey ballad style of GOING GOING GONE through to the balls out rockers that we all love and some in between. The new album will probably all be composed by Craig."

17/05/2005 14:04