LATEST: The Vines have warned fans they will "never, ever" embark on a full tour again, due to frontman CRAIG NICHOLLS' rare brain disorder.

The Australian rock outfit were thrown into turmoil when Nicholls' was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, which causes sufferers to display autistic-like behaviour, including difficulties with social and communication skills.

The news of his illness surfaced at a criminal hearing in Australia last week (ends19NOV04), where Nicholls faced charges of assault and malicious damage after allegedly kicking a photographer's camera during a live show in Sydney earlier this year (27MAY04).

And although the band have vowed to stay intact and continue work on their forthcoming third album, Nicholls' condition will force them to limit their tour schedule and future recording plans.

Manager Andy Kelly says, "They will never, ever tour like they did before, and playing shows is probably the last thing that will be worked out, really.

"When they've got enough songs that they're happy with and they feel ready to make an album; once that's done is probably when they think about how they want to do shows or if they want to do shows.

"But it's never going to work in a traditional 'demo, record, release, tour' cycle again. It's going to be much more - probably - relaxed and… unconventional, I suppose."

24/11/2004 21:02