Review of Don't Listen to the Radio Single by The Vines

The Vines
Don't Listen to the Radio
Single Review

The Vines Don't Listen to the Radio Single

The troubled Craig Nicholls has been Australia's answer to Pete Doherty, ever since the antipodean's searching self-titled debut album of 2002. This was the biggest release of emotion since Little Mo's court case in EastEnders. With their second album being too insular and a little scary for a lot of people to stomach, Craig takes a step back with a little help from the garage rock genre and polishes this offering off with a longing indie feel. 'Don't Listen to the Radio' goes someway towards recovering Nicholl's and the band's powerful pitch and strong mindedness.

The wandering lyrics incite minimalism and drop a hint that their third album, 'Vision Valley' sees a return of the compelling eccentricity that once illuminated this colourful outfit;

"Don't listen to the radio here's something that you already know,
I, I, I, got no radio.
Don't speak up on the telephone here's something that you never show,
I, I, I, got no telephone."

To paraphrase words of the great Danny McNamara; The Vines have gone back to what they know. On this showing alone, it appears to be working.

David Adair

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