The Village star Bryce Dallas Howard was shocked when she found out her mother had planned a family reunion to coincide with her honeymoon. The 25-year-old married boyfriend SETH GABEL, her boyfriend of five years, last month (JUN06) in Greenwich, Connecticut, and had no choice but to join her relatives for a romantic getaway. She explains, "It was a big wedding. It was very nice. It was at my parent's place in Connecticut. "Something quite unusual happened, in fact, my mom was planning a family reunion for about three years. "When we got engaged we said we only wanted to do it in June and she was like, 'Oh, perfect! June 17!' "We had no idea why she was so specific with the date. The day after the wedding was the family reunion, which was to go on... for three weeks around Europe on a boat. "So I was on a boat with 31 relatives for my honeymoon!"