US talk show host STAR JONES REYNOLDS told audiences of The View she would be leaving the show early, because she couldn't handle the gossip about her departure any longer. Jones Reynolds, 44, stunned co-host and the programme's producer Barbara Walters, when she told viewers live on air on Tuesday (27JUN06) that she would not be returning. Walters said she felt "betrayed" by Jones Reynolds, because the latter had agreed with producers to announce her departure on Thursday (29JUN06). Speaking to CNN presenter Larry King last night (29JUN06), Jones Reynolds explains, "I was told April 21st that my contract wasn't going to be renewed, so for two months I've been going to The View every single day doing my job 100 per cent professionally. And through it all every single week there'd be news reports, speculation, rumour, gossip, innuendo and it was relentless. "On Monday, I woke up and there was another story and the countdown to Star leaving The View with a date definite. Now, no one knew that information but executives and me. "Tuesday morning I woke up and it was more of it and I realised it was turning into a circus atmosphere and the viewers deserved after nine years me to not go out in a circus atmosphere. "Two hundred thousand people a year get a pink slip, so I said, 'Be professional. People's jobs depend on you.' And I went to work and I said it's a business decision. But it then became very, very personal in the media and that started to hurt. "Tuesday morning I said I need to do this on my own terms. I called my pastor and we talked about it. We prayed. And, I said Tuesday I'm going to tell what's going on and I did."