The sky is grey over Glastonbury, but it is smoke rather than cloud which is blighting festivalgoers' view of the sun.

A blaze at a nearby scrapyard has sent a large plume of smoke into the sky close to the site.

Festivalgoers, arriving to otherwise good weather in Somerset, have not been told to leave although the BBC reports several roads have had to be closed.

Weather for this year's festival is expected to deteriorate as the weekend progresses, but for now at least there is little of the mud which has become a key part of the Glastonbury experience in recent years.

That mud, combined with controversy over some of the main acts, is blamed for the festival not selling out for the first time in years. Around 800 tickets remain unsold.

Tomorrow night's headliners include The Verve, Jay-Z and Kings Of Leon.

26/06/2008 16:01:02