Archie Comics are suing Australian pop newcomers The Veronicas, claiming their band name infringes the copyright of beloved American comic character VERONICA LODGE.

Twin sisters JESS and LISA ORIGLASSO, 20, and their record label, the Warner Music Group, have been hit with the lawsuit by the comic company who believe the duo's name will create confusion among their readers and interferes with its' plans to create another music group called the Archies.

Archie Comics Publications says it tried to reach agreement with The Veronicas and their record label before taking legal action.

Lisa explains, "We wanted a chick's name. We were reading Archie comics when we were younger, but we also loved the movie HEATHERS and there was a line in that about Veronica.

"All the cool chicks in comics and books and movies are called Veronica. She's always the character who gets her own way."