Review of No Sleep No Need EP by The Vaults

The Vaults

The Vaults; No Sleep No Need ( 01/03/04 Red Flag Records)

Raw garage rock at times is best compared to the spoof cartoon show South Park '; loads of money, time, energy and technology is utilised to make something appear raw, basic and crappy. The Vaults have hired esteemed producer Lenny Franchi (The Music) and James Brown to do some mixing (Placebo, Ash) in order to produce and dingy and dirty sounding garage rock crasher of an EP.

Lady Hell' features typical chugging guitars that you expect from this genre, before the cutting vocals of Beaz kick in. Fu Manchu, Black Flag, The Datsuns and Winnebago Deal can all be traced as influences in this energetic three track offering.

Music - The Vaults; No Sleep No Need ( 01/03/04 Red Flag Records)

No Sleep No Need' has the potential to become the latest anthem of the new rock revolution, with frenetic guitars and passionate reiteration of the song title in the chorus will most definitely get crowds bouncing at gigs. It may seem a strange conclusion to come to merely from listening to an EP, but The Vaults seem to have what it takes to become a festival band with energy and catchy tunes that make an impact on the first listen. This is a fact that may help them stay afloat in the ever deepening sewer that is the dirty and raw garage rock genre.