The Vamps drummer Tristan Evans says streaking is a ''daily occurrence''.

The 'Wildheart' singer says he regularly strips down to the nude for shower trips in front of his bandmates, Bradley Simpson and James McVey, however Connor Ball is more likely to bare all in public as he has a ''better body.''

Tristan exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''It's probably more James actually because he has the better body. I will get naked eventually. I think it's a daily occurrence, I think last time, Brad was the one who got pretty naked. We're comfortable with our personalities and bodies and, you know, we just have a good time.''

Despite baring their bottoms, the 19-year-old popstar insists their manhoods are ''always covered''.

Meanwhile, Tristan recalled on the time he did have to get his manhood out to urinate in public in a desperate bid to relieve himself when there were no toilets available during their long coach journey on tour.

He explained: ''[Once I had to pee] in the hedge outside the service station. The awkward thing was it was right next to a huge billboard advertisement so everyone was looking at the board and then looking to the left and there's a dude peeing in the hedge, it was really weird.''