The Vamps' Connor Ball is turned off by girls showing too much skin.

The 'Wild Heart' group - which also features Tristan Evans, Brad Simpson and James McVey - admit it takes more to impress them than revealing outfits.

Connor said: ''I think if she was showing loads of flesh [it would be a turn off].''

James revealed: ''I'm not a fan of short skirts.''

Meanwhile, Tristan says he avoids girls who dress ''too boring''.

He added: ''I'm the opposite - I love a girl who's really dressed up.''

The heartthrobs have girls mob them everywhere they go and on social media, but they tend to date women who have their own unique style.

Brad said: ''A girl in a really nice dress always looks good - maybe worn with a black leather jacket? I like dark clothes myself, anyone that looks a bit different, doing her thing.''

Connor added: ''Honestly, I just really like girls in jeans and a T-shirt. It's plain but it's cool and natural.''

As for their own outfit choices, the band admit they all have days where they struggle to get ready in time for their commitments.

Brad explained: ''James is the fussiest and then the longest to get ready is Connor or Tristan. Or me some days, 'cause I try on loads of different stuff.''

James said: ''Yeah, a bit of everyone - we can all be a bit like that.''