The Vaccines wanted their new track to have people swaying.

The band's singer, Justin Young, said the intention of the floaty sound in 'Melody Calling' was to have fans subtly moving along to the single rather than encourage them to head bang because they wanted it to have a different vibe from their previous up-tempo releases.

He told NME: ''I wrote this at Christmas. I'd built loads of vocal stuff around the main chorus vocal, and then ended up muting the main part so all that's left is the harmonies - that's why they're all falsetto.

''It moves in a different way. It's not one you bang your head to; maybe you sway a bit more.''

Justin has previously said he had a ''kick of creative desire'' when writing the new single and he managed to come up with a number of songs for the extended play collection.

Drummer, Pete Robertson, said previously: ''Justin had a kick of creative desire and he suddenly had a bunch of songs.

'' 'Melody Calling' really stuck out as something that was really exciting for all of us. It's not for any particular grand design, no great purpose, just for the desire of being creative.''