The Vaccines feel ''stronger'' when they are all wearing the same clothes.

Justin Young, the group's lead singer and guitarist, insists the band ''feel more like a gang'' when they all dress in denim attire, which they have swapped for vintage threads after realising the clothing doesn't retain smells or show stains as much.

He said: ''It makes me feel more like a gang when we put on the same clothes. It makes me feel stronger. It makes me feel better about myself.''

While the group all dress very similarly, bass player Arni Hjörvar is competitive when it comes to which member of the 'No Hope' hitmakers have the longest hair, and he insists his blonde locks are coming out on top.

He explained: ''I was very much into the idea of cutting my hair until Justin decided to grow his. Then I was like, 'F**k that, man, I'm going to have to have the longest hair in this band.' And mine is blonde. His is, like, boring brown.''

Despite their hair-related competitiveness, Justin says the foursome are ''closer than ever'', and guitarist Freddie Cowan admits he feels ''more comfortable'' touring with the group - completed by drummer Pete Robertson - compared to when he is relaxing at home.

Justin told NME magazine: ''I've lost a lot of friends since starting the band, you know. But the four of us are closer than ever. I feel like we're a gang now. It's us against the world.

Freddie added: ''I'm much more comfortable on the road than I am at home. You're really excited to go home but you get there and think, 'Is this it?' And you're kind of like, 'Well, s**t, what am I supposed to be doing.' ''