The Vaccines say One Direction deserve more credit for their songwriting.

The indie rockers worked with the 'Live While We're Young' hitmakers on their follow-up to their second album 'Take Me Home' and front man Justin Young insisted the group are ''more creative'' than people realise.

He told Digital Spy: ''It was great [to write with them]. I'm a big fan of pop music and the art of songwriting. It was a really fulfilling experience.

''They're really nice guys and more creative than many people would probably believe.

''I genuinely don't know if [they will use my songs] and I genuinely don't care. That's not why I did it. I saw it as an artistic opportunity as well as a monetary one!''

Although Justin has worked with the pop superstars he has insisted while The Vaccines' music might change, he doesn't want the band to ''lose sight'' of their rock 'n' roll roots.

He added: ''We don't wanna make the same record twice, which is easier said than done. We didn't change the way we write but we did change the way the song came together.

''We've only ever made live records so we never placed any importance on production. I don't know [about an album of the same style].

''I wouldn't look forward to an album of the thing that's preceded it. There won't be much more ram-a-lang-ding-dong. That said, we are a rock 'n' roll band and I don't wanna lose sight of that.''