The Vaccines had a ''kick of creative desire'' when writing new single 'Melody Calling.'

The band's singer, Justin Young, said his creative juices started flowing and he came up with a number of songs, including the new track.

Speaking to drummer Pete Robertson said: ''Justin had a kick of creative desire and he suddenly had a bunch of songs.

'''Melody Calling' really stuck out as something that was really exciting for all of us. It's not for any particular grand design, no great purpose, just for the desire of being creative.''

The band recorded the track at Eldorado Studios in Los Angeles with producers John Hill and Rich Costey and are really pleased with the result.

Pete added: ''Its turned out really well and we're all really happy with it.''

The band - which also includes Freddie Cowan and Arni Arnason - second studio album 'Come of Age' topped the charts in 2012 and since the band has been busy touring the UK and America.

with Phoenix and Mumford and Sons.