The Vaccines frontman Justin Young refuses to speak to his bandmates after gigs as he is determined to preserve his voice following a career-threatening throat problem.

The British rocker underwent surgery three times in 2011 for a recurring issue with haemorrhaging vocal cords amid fears the condition could put an end to his singing.

He has been warned by medics that the condition could return at any time, so Young now insists on performing vocal exercises before and after concerts and refuses to speak when he comes off stage.

He tells BBC Newsbeat, "I did have a few issues but I think it's okay at the moment. I haven't had any problems recently... I'm absolutely terrified (it will return). So I warm up and warm down every day now - like a professional singer!"

The Vaccines bassist Arni Arnason adds, "To be honest this is probably the first time he has ever spoken to anybody (after a gig) before the warm-down so I'm actually quite surprised... So if he s**ews up his voice I'm going to blame you."