The Used rocker Bert Mccracken refuses to discuss the breakdown of his relationship with MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE star Gerard Way, because he is too angry to put his feelings into words.

McCracken famously joined forces with Way to record a charity version of the Queen and David Bowie classic UNDER PRESSURE.

Even though his bandmates are still on good terms with the members of My Chemical Romance, McCracken now refuses to have anything to do with THE GHOST OF YOU hitmakers.

He says, "Um, I'd prefer not to say anything about My Chemical Romance, except that we did have a falling out.

"We don't speak at all anymore.

"It's got nothing to do with their success. I'm completely comfortable with where our band is at.

"We used to be very close, but no more. We had a falling out.

"The rest of my band, they're still mates with all the guys in that band. But I'd prefer to say nothing more about My Chemical Romance."