The Ting Tings write better music when they are upset.

The 'That's Not My Name' hitmakers - made up for duo Katie White and Jules De Martino - would not like to release a happy album because it would be unlikely people would want to buy it.

Jules said: "We can only ever write anything when we're down. Who wants to hear an album from an artist that's happy? Because the content line tends to be, 'I'm sitting on a beach, how's life for you?'

"And right now a lot of people's answer is likely to be, 'Well not very good actually, we won't buy your record.' "

The band recently revealed they deleted their second album when they were not happy with the results, and Katie admits it would have been easy to them to "bash out" a second LP following the success of their first record.

She added: "It would have been so easy to quickly bash out any old s**t off the back of the first album. Get in on the radio, have a cheap nasty hit. And we didn't wanna do that. If we're going to wreck it, we'd rather wreck it ourselves."