Irish rockers The Thrills came to blows with Faithless frontman Maxi Jazz after a good natured dance-off turned sour.

FAITHLESS and the BIG SUR band were on the same bill at the Swedish LYNX BASE 24-7 event, and were enjoying a high spirited after-party when things turned nasty.

An insider says, "After the gig all the bands were partying in a log cabin and decided to have a dance competition. Everyone was getting involved, but the final was between Maxi and The Thrills' guitarist DANIEL RYAN.

"It was officially declared a draw, but afterwards Maxi was telling people he'd won. Daniel and the rest of the band were sat up at 3am in the bar of the hotel where Maxi was staying.

"Daniel said they were waiting to finish a fight with him and that they knew his flight was at 7am so he had to come out of his room soon. He looked pretty serious and one of their entourage said there's been a scuffle with Maxi earlier in the evening.

"He was saying Maxi had come at him with his fists raised and that Daniel had defended himself."

A spokesperson for The Thrills comments, "It was all in good spirits, and no punches were thrown."

30/11/2004 13:37