Irish rockers The Thrills are offering a financial reward for the return of the laptop computer they were using to store new song ideas.

The BIG SUR stars have launched a public appeal for help after guitarist DANIEL RYAN's computer - which contained several files of new material - was stolen from a car on Friday (11MAR05), just minutes before they were due to take the stage in their native Dublin.

Ryan says, "Before we actually got to the gig I had my travel bag stolen," says Ryan. "I left my bag in my friend's car but when we went back to the car to come down to the event, the window had been smashed and my bag had been taken.

"My laptop - which I'd only bought recently, all my CDs, my DVDs, books, my discman and a photograph album have all been taken. I'm really upset about it."

Ryan has promised the public they will be rewarded if their detective skills prove successful: "The computer has new material that we've been working on - we always have little bits of music and things like that on our computers and I'm lost without mine. If anyone can help us get it back it would be really appreciated."

15/03/2005 21:22