The Thin Red Line producer Mike Medavoy's wife IRENA is taking on DAME Elizabeth Taylor's doctor in court - after claiming he poisoned her with cosmetic surgery drug Botox.

IRENA MEDAVOY was bed-ridden with fever and fatigue for three months after dermatologist-to-the stars ARNOLD KLEIN prescribed the wrinkle removing wonder drug to help his patient cope with painful migraines.

In fact, the prescriptions only made her headaches worse, and now Irena is taking Klein and the makers of Botox to court in a multi-million dollar Hollywood legal wrangle.

She says, "What happened to me was severe and intense. My life stopped as I knew it. It was as though I had a vice grip on top of my head."

Taylor and Carrie Fisher, another client of Dr Klein's, have both spoken out in favour of the dermatologist.

18/06/2003 09:05