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The Sunshine Underground
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The Sunshine Underground Borders Single

Layered indie with a rave ripple underlines the continuing climb to respect of this, The Editors and Boy Kill Boy embellishing quartet. The backing of Zane Lowe and NME (manifesting mainly in a slot on their Rave Tour), has helped to promote these atmospheric groove manipulators. A moody and determined vocal touch, courtesy of Craig Wellington, glides over the spindling guitars and slightly funky, winding percussion. This combination gives grit and determination to a defiant wake up call for a stubborn object of desire.

The Sunshine Underground pads out their songs with rushes of feeling and hangs sincerity over them, something that 'Borders' exemplifies to a tee. This gives them a universal slant to help the sound appeal to a broad range of listeners.

David Adair

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